Friday, December 25, 2009

Picking a Domain Name

You'll need a domain name for your store. A domain name is the "" piece of a web address (or .org, .biz, .whatever). For instance, in the URL, the domain name is the piece. If you've already registered a domain name with a service, that's fine; you'll be able to point it to your Yahoo! store later. Or you can register a domain name during the sign-up process, and Yahoo! will throw it in at no extra charge. But how do you pick a name? Spend a little time thinking about this. It's not easy picking a domain name because most good ones have already been taken! Here are a few things to consider:

* Pick a name that is easy to understand. If you read the domain name on the radio, would listeners be able to understand (and spell!) it?
* If you already have a business name, you really need a domain name that matches (which isn't always possible, of course).
* If at all possible, pick a .com domain, not a .org, .biz, or .anything else. The world thinks .com, and if you select a different one many people may not notice and might end up at the wrong site.
* If all the domains you want have already been purchased, try combining words. Try mixing your primary word with a color or location name (city, state, etc.), a store-type word (store, depot, warehouse, shop, etc.), or something else. Sometimes the only way to get a domain that works for you is by building a combination.
* If your domain name can be confused with any other name-in particular plurals, singulars, and common spelling mistakes-you need to register both terms. You need the one you want and the "confused" term. Registering Then you also need Getting You also need,, and
* Yahoo! provides a pretty good "brainstorming" tool; you tell it what domain you want, and it suggests alternatives. Spend a little time to make sure you get a good domain name.

Avoid "domain confusion." Don't register a domain name that is likely to be confused with another. Don't register if someone else owns, or if someone else has If you market heavily using the domain name, some of the traffic will go to the other domain, possibly a competitor!

Yahoo Domains: A Simple Web Site Solution

Having put up more than a few Web sites myself, one of the easiest ways I've found to get your domains set up and running is to simply go through Yahoo.
Yahoo will register your domains' names for under $10 a year, though as of this writing, Yahoo is having a sale on domains for $2.99 per year. That's a lot cheaper than some registrars I've seen that are still trying to charge $20 or more just for domains.
Once you get your domain registered, you still need to host it somewhere. Again, Yahoo has a simple answer, or several simple answers, in its Geocities service. You can plunk down your domains for free at Yahoo Geocities, but you'll have ads. For a nominal fee ($4.95 per month) you can get 500 MB storage and 25 GB per month transfer -- that's more than enough for most starter sites.
If you host your domains through Yahoo Geocities, you'll get plenty of tools to help you design and manage your site, enough to do just about anything legal you might want to do on the Net.
You'll have access to Yahoo web page templates as well as a point-and-click designer, in addition to the ability to manually play with your domains' HTML.
Yahoo also gives you choices for uploading, using their easy upload manager or the more traditional FTP for large sites. E-mail is part of the package.
A recent addition to the Yahoo Geocities tools is the ability to start and manage a blog on your domains.
All in all, registering and hosting your domains through Yahoo is an easy solution for a home user or small business.

Why the Domain Yahoo is so Popular

The domain yahoo is one of the most popular in the world and it has become a market leader by providing the much needed access to many services for the customers. The first thing you can benefit from it is the establishment of an email ID which will go long way in launching you into a world where communication can happens with ease. You can open your communication links through the yahoo messenger and other benefits are having your own space for albums and have your file storage in which you can review them from any place. You can get a domain from yahoo and begin the process of having your own web site.

The domain name yahoo has therefore brought and continues to bring a world of difference by providing the free services. Through domain yahoo you will get to see all the products that provided and above the mentioned products are yahoo widgets, yahoo travel, yahoo tool bar
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You can get access to so much more information through domain yahoo and some of the most common questions that are asked are on how to lock and unlock your domain and the effects of locking. People also want to know how to create a domain name and yahoo has all the information for you to read. Firstly, a good domain name according to yahoo should be clear and simple. People should not have trouble remembering it and, it should show the kind of business you do. Domain names are therefore very vital and to come up with a unique address, you need to spend some time and make sure you have the right name. Remember that domains should contain letters, numbers and hyphens.

You are advised to re angle your domain name if you find that it is already in use. It is also good to think of where you register the domain and make sure that it serves your purpose. At domain yahoo, you will find a private domain registration which will help you safeguard your personal information from the public. This is because many domain owners have their contact details exposed to the public because the information is required by the internet governing body. But, yahoo will make sure that before people access your information, you are first alerted by their business partner Melbourne IT. You will be overwhelmed by the possibilities domain yahoo has to offer. Take sometime and read about the domain and discover so much more, you will find a service you are looking for with ease. The name will continue to break new grounds as it becomes more and more popular to many customers